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No one mixes patterns better than Robert Graham

As we mentioned in our previous post, spring is the season for pattern mixing. In that post we explained to how to mix patterns on your own — manually, if you will – so today we’re giving you the automatic pattern-mixing option. (A different model, same fashion horsepower.)

Robert Graham is a bold line of men’s shirts that takes the thinking out of mixing patterns. The shirts have contrasting cuffs and collars, so all you have to do is roll up your sleeves and boom, you’ve got a bold spring look.

Robert Graham Spring Look

Robert Graham ‘Alix’ Regular Fit Dobby Houndstooth Sport Shirt

Robert Graham Lando
Robert Graham ‘Lando’ Classic Fit Plaid Sport Shirt

Robert Graham Massimiliano

Robert Graham Limited Edition Massimiliano Sport Shirt

There’s more! Come experience our complete Robert Graham selection

Binghams carries the best selection of Robert Graham in Columbia, Mo. And we don’t just have a lot of product—we have our very own Robert Graham shop right here in the store. We carry everything from the famous contrast-cuff shirt to fun, bold socks.

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Guide to Pattern Mixing

How to Pattern Mix for Spring

Spring brings a much needed a burst of color and patterns. Make them work together with our guide to pattern mixing


Pattern Shirts from Peter Millar

Spring is the season for pattern mixing. After a long winter of grays and blacks, we yearn to lighten things up with bright colors and bold patterns. But we’re careful to not go too crazy—we don’t want to look like we got dressed in the dark. Here are our tips for pattern mixing like a street-style pro.

1. The colors of your bigger pieces should be more subdued

Your jacket and shirt comprise the largest physical spaces on your body, so if you wear a neon orange sport coat, for example, you may take someone’s eye out. Save the boldest colors for your accessories, like your tie or pocket square.

2. Combine complimentary prints

It’s possible to wear more than one pattern at time, as long as the patterns compliment each other. Choose patterns that have different shapes (e.g. stripes with polka dots) or lines (one fun, one relaxed). This will create contrast between your pieces. Also, one pattern should be calmer than the other, to keep your look sophisticated.

3. Stay on one end of the color spectrum

Another key to proper pattern mixing involves sticking to one color family. For instance, if you want to wear a bright yellow tie, pair it with pieces that are also warm colors. Similarly, if you want to sport your favorite blue sport coat, make sure everything else is a cool color.

*Note that gray is a great chameleon and can be matched with warm and cool tones.

Want more advice?

We here at Binghams are experts in bold looks and can help you put together the perfect mix of patterns and colors. We carry a wide selection of printed shirts, jackets, ties and more, so you’ll have tons to choose from.

Come into the store and check us out. Call to schedule an appointment or just drop by. You’re always welcome.


Come into the store and check us out. Call to schedule an appointment or just drop by. You’re always welcome.