Get the Perfect Fitting Slim Suit at Binghams in Columbia, Missouri

young man in a skinny gray suitAs you’ve probably noticed, suits have been getting trimmer over the last several years. Some say the trend was inspired by the AMC award-winning TV show, “Mad Men,” which featured dapper, though often politically incorrect, ad execs in the crisp, clean-cut suits emblematic of 1960s business fashion. Others attribute the trend to the dress-up cycle America has been in, also for the past several years.

Whatever the reason, we are liking the trimmer suits.

The lines are clean and the silhouettes are flattering. Too much extra fabric around the waist or a really deep pant break can look sloppy, or worse, make you appear 10 pounds heavier. (Seriously, want to lose ten pounds instantly? Get a suit that fits. But that’s a topic for another time).

“Everyone is making slimmer suits now, both in the middle and in the shoulders,” says Dave Danuser, of Binghams. “It’s a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.”

Since slim suits will be around for a while, Danuser urges men to embrace a closer fit. “You don’t have to go super skinny,” he advises. “There are plenty variations of the trim suit, so there is something for every man.”

Two brands that Binghams carries that come in trim fits and look custom made are Byron and Betenly.

There are many great off-the-rack slim suits on the market, but if you really want to nail the slim fit, Danuser says to get a custom made suit. “When you get a custom suit made, you know it’s going to fit you like a glove. There’s no better way to nail the fit than a custom made suit.”

Binghams in Columbia, Missouri offers custom and made-to-measure suiting, and does so through Coppley custom suiting, which offers tons of fabric choices so you can get a slim suit that not only fits, but perfectly expresses your personality and style.

Also, despite common misperceptions, the made-to-measure process is simple. Binghams’ expert tailors take all your measurements while Binghams’ sales staff helps you choose from hundreds of fabrics, accessories, and style options (don’t worry, the staff help make all the choices manageable). “It is easy, and we have numerous pricing options, so we can definitely make a suit and a price tag that fits,” Danuser says.

For a great fitting slim suit, come see us at Binghams in downtown Columbia. Find us here. We look forward to seeing you.

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