What’s New With Coppley Custom Clothing for Fall 2014 at Binghams in Columbia, Missouri

We do all of our custom and made-to-measure suiting here at Binghams via Coppley, one of the most reputable custom clothiers in the business. Coppley, which is based in Canada, has been making fabulous custom suits since 1883 and possesses an impressive stock of more than 400 luxury fabrics from around the globe.

This fall, Coppley’s exquisite quality and extensive fabric selection remain the same, but several things are new, and we want to share them with you.

First, fits and silhouettes: Coppley Fall 2014 is a blend of traditional and modern, with fits to accommodate both older and younger perspectives. Meaning, the standard fits are generally on the slimmer side, but of course, your suit can be tailored to your preferences, should you want a more classic look.

coppley fall 2014 1

Second, color scheme: Coppley’s color palette this season is comprised of classic neutrals: black, grey, blue, and tan. However, there is an overall “greying effect” to each fabric, which adds understated elegance.


Third, pops of color: Don’t worry—it’s not all neutrals. To craft a more compelling look, Coppley has incorporated subtle pops of color, either by blending a fabric with indigo, aqua, or cranberry colored threads, making a deep burgundy tie to pair with a brown suit, or an olive vest to go with a deep blue button-down shirt.


Fourth, small but important details: Coppley has also added new tipover buttons, buttonholes with contrasting thread colors, elbow patches and contrast stitching which can help you create a more interesting, fashion-forward look.


They’ve also made shorter topcoats with zip-in vests to keep you warm and stylish on chillier days.

Come into Binghams today and see our Coppley Fall 2014 selection. We look forward to helping you craft a suit that fits you to a tee, both physically and personally. Find us here.

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