Get Your Fashion Idea From Timeless Style Icons

Take Fashion Cues from Timeless Style Icons 

Styles for men are increasingly more casual, but that doesn’t mean your closet should be devoid of several essential timeless pieces that have graced the bodies of fashion icons throughout the years. All it takes is a few items to give you a classic, effortless and smart look. Read on and then we’ll see you in Bingham’s soon. You’re welcome: 


George Clooney

Talk about aging gracefully — and handsomely. Clooney is among a crop of actors who might be an oldie, but is always a goodie. And he seems to get better with age, according to the ladies. He’s evolved his style from his TV sitcom days when he sported the disheveled look many young actors find to be de rigueur. But he’s aged to be a lovely man with more gray and crow’s feet, but always donning a well-coiffed haircut, a sport coat and shirt, or a neat shirt and slacks. He’s the essential gentleman. 

George Clooney’s timeless item to have in your wardrobe: A Byron smart sport coat or two in varying weights. It never hurts to have a tie or two in your closet as well. Robert Jensen or JZ Richards ties will do the trick.  


Miles Davis


Saxophonist Sonny Rollins once said that Miles Davis was the “complete package.” He was often spotted in three-piece Brooks Brothers suits. A slim gentleman, he preferred to forego padding in the shoulders and a breast pocket. There are iconic photos of him not only in suits, but also in smart cashmere sweaters, slim-cut khakis and a narrow scarf tied stylishly tied around his neck instead of a necktie. 

MIles Davis’ timeless item to have in your wardrobe: Flat-front slim fitting neat khakis in the style of jeans from Brax, Avery or 34 Heritage. Dress them up or dress them down. 


Jack Kennedy

The epitome of preppy, Jack Kennedy opted for two-button tailored suits and Brooks Brothers shirts and ties. Sure, photographers snapped him casually playing football or sailing off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in summer whites and collared shirts. But that’s as casual as it got. Jack Kennedy’s trip to the presidency saw him keep up his timeless style with his equally elegant wife Jackie at his side. 

Jack Kennedy’s timeless item to have in your wardrobe: A slim fitting tweed or wool sport coat from Coppley or Paul Betenly.  


Sam Shepard 

The playwright Sam Shepard has always sported a rugged look. Perhaps the opposite of Jack-Kennedy preppy, he was as relatable as the person shopping in the next aisle at the grocery store. His style was comfortable, a bit disheveled and meant to move with his mind — always working toward the next play, the next piece. 

Sam Shepard’s timeless item to have in your wardrobe: Comfortable jeans from Brax or 34 Heritage that are neat and well-fitting. 


We’ll see you at Bingham’s soon where we’ll help you dress like the star that we know you are.

Protecting Your Credit in Style

Cash was king for a while among merchants everywhere. That’s changed now, which means that your wallet might need some updating, too. One of the newest items available now at Bingham’s is the Secrid wallet. 

Made in Holland at a company founded by experts in fashion and product design, the Secrid wallets are fabulously thin, made of stylishly leather European cowhide, are incredibly practical and above all, meant to protect your credit. The miniwallet is a smart everyday accessory that is big enough to hold all of your credit cards and cash, plus business cards and receipts, but yet slim enough to fit in your pant pocket. 

An aluminum core in the wallet renders digital pickpockets useless if they try to read, activate or clone your card from close by without you knowing it. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality of the era in which we live. You’ll be very 2020 with your miniwallet, which has a discreet mechanism at the bottom of the wallet that slides out your credit cards in one simple motion. You don’t even have to open your wallet. 

Aside from the security, the practical aluminum core also prevents your credit cards from bending or breaking when you sit if your wallet lives in your back pant pocket. Once you buy one of the Secrid wallets, you might never go back to a traditional soft trifold. Binghams is Columbia Mo. Secrid HQ.


Stop in to see one today and learn more about this innovative accessory. See you soon! 

Can Jeans Be Elegant?

Why, yes! Elegant enough for the office, a business lunch and dinner out at a Michelin-rated restaurant, in fact. The brand 34 Heritage prides itself on selling “premium denim, combining the comfort and elegance of a trouser and the style of a jean.”

At Bingham’s, we encourage you to ditch the tattered jeans for a pair of comfortable, stretchy 34 Heritage jeans. You’ll feel at your best running to your car in the rain, stretching to retrieve your luggage at the gate or sitting at a conference room table for a long meeting. Women aren’t the only lucky ones to have jeans that are forgiving enough in which to strike a yoga pose. Coupled with a Byron or Coppley blazer and cashmere three-button shirt, you’ll be toasty enough in your drafty office. Or throw on a button-down shirt and sweater. A T-shirt and blazer will do the trick, too. A quarter-zip sweater from Peter Millar or Tommy Bahama with a colorful T-shirt peaking out. The combinations know no bounds.

As a kid, you reached for your sneaks every time you put on jeans, but it’s time to broaden your horizons. Grab a pair of buttery leather brown wing-tip Oxfords from Trask. With a pair of tapered jeans, you’ll look magnifique. Or thick socks and black booties to keep your toes warm. The fall-back that still hasn’t let up are the refined sneakers. In different color leathers and patterns, they’re a perfect complement to your wardrobe and classy enough to walk you into the office.

See you at Bingham’s soon where we can help you find the right jean fit and look for you!

Shop Big in a Small Way This Saturday at Bingham’s

Get ready to be delighted and taken care of at local favorite Bingham’s this Saturday, November 30, during Small Business Saturday. Shop all of your favorite brands like Robert Graham, Peter Millar, Ballin and Martin Dingman. Stock up for yourself or the favorite gent on your list. When it comes to a special sale day like this, we go big at Bingham’s.

Speaking of shopping big, who wants to be in a crowded big-box store during the biggest sale weekend of the year, where you know you won’t receive any personal shopping attention, you’ll be cranky and warm from walking between your parked car in the crowded lot and on (finally!) to the floor that carries menswear. Even then, you won’t be guaranteed that your long wait in the checkout line will be worth the wait in clothing you bought — clothing of questionable quality. 

Or if you’re opting for doing all of your shopping online, who says you’ll like the way that new sweater feels around your neck? Or it’s not until you tear open the packaging that you realize the navy blue checked shirt you bought actually appears more green than blue. Buy slacks for the office online? We don’t recommend it. 

Shopping local at Bingham’s during Small Business Saturday is an experience unlike anything you’ll find in a big-box store or on a virtual cart while you’re binging on Netflix. You see smiling faces who are there to help. You get help finding your size in the half-zip sweater you’ve had your eye on. You are advised on the patterned shirt to wear under a new sport coat. You pick a more tailored suit, thanks to the courage you’ve mustered from the encouraging Bingham’s staff. 

See you at Bingham’s this Saturday, November 30, and thank you for shopping small! 

I Can’t Even: The Best Adulting Menswear Essentials from Bingham’s — Part 2

Depending on your job, the disheveled look can only carry you so far. A polished appearance complete with well-fitting clothing can do amazing things for one’s confidence. Read on for reliable and effective tips in Part 2 of Bingham’s Adulting Menswear Essentials: 

In our last installment, we talked about suits, ties, dress shirts, the necessity of a belt and appropriate jeans. Next on the list are sweaters. 

Sweaters. A lightweight sweater from Bingham’s is a great transitional piece from season to season. You can wear a sweater from Peter Millar or Robert Graham with a button down shirt, with or without a tie, under a sport or suit jacket or with an open collared button down and coordinating solid T-shirt peeking out underneath. Throw on a sport coat and jeans and your not-too-casual-oh-this-old-thing look will yield many approving looks. 

Trousers. Jeans aside, another wardrobe essential is a neat pair of trousers, be they dress pants or casual chinos. Options from Ballin or Bill’s Khakis are incredibly comfortable, versatile and lightweight. 

Shoes. Your feet will thank you a million times over for investing in a few pairs of high-quality shoes. Start with a pair of dress shoes and a pair that checks the casual box so that you have a few styles to rotate through. At Bingham’s, we carry both looks from Trask and Martin Dingman and can offer suggestions for how to pull off completing your outfit in shoes that aren’t black. 

Underpants. Why are these in the list? Because we care. Taking care of yourself and maintaining a good grooming schedule also includes considering the first layer of clothing on your body. Throw out your torn and stretched underwear. You deserve the best! Who wants to wear a great outfit with overstretched underwear that bunches in all of the wrong places? Get some Saxx underwear. Stat. 

Come and adult with us at Bingham’s today!


I Can’t Even: The Best Adulting Menswear Essentials from Bingham’s — Part 1

At Bingham’s in Columbia, we recognize that the millennial generation values teamwork, the fulfillment of feeling like you belong to something larger than yourself and opportunities for learning and advancement. Adulting and playing the part involves dressing comfortably, confidently and appropriately. Make sure you have these essentials in your wardrobe on your road to success — and watch your investment dollars stretch in high-quality items:  


A well-fitting suit. A Paul Betenley or Byron suit in a lightweight fabric can take you from mild temperatures to the bitter cold with the help of a few layers. An off-the-rack sport coat is no substitute for a tailored suit that fits you perfectly in all the right places and looks like it was made for you. Talk to the team at Bingham’s about the right fit and style for you. 

One of the best parts of investing in a suit is its versatility. Use the slacks with a dress shirt and sweater and skip the jacket. Or pair the jacket with more casual trousers, a button-down shirt and refined sneakers. 

Tie boxes

Ties. The Bingham’s team will help you pick out a tie or two from Robert Talbott to dress up your outfit or give you the courage to get a wild hair and step out with a bold pattern. A snazzy tie can add the perfect punch or give you the missing amount of polish your outfit needs. 



Dress shirts.
David Donahue, Peter Millar or Eton dress shirts are worth the investment. Let the staff at Bingham’s share suggestions for matching dress shirts with ties. Consider purchasing a more subdued neutral solid-colored shirt and patterned one that will go with your suit. 

Leather belt.
Keep your pants up. Need we say more? 


Save the severely faded and torn jeans for the weekend. Jeans from 34 Heritage are classy and well-fitting enough to go with a sweater and button-down shirt or an untucked shirt from johnnie-0 or Peter Millar

Stay tuned for part two of our adulting clothing essentials! In the meantime, see you at Bingham’s.

Some Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Work place style has evolved, there’s no doubt about that. Whether you work at a law firm, in a doctor’s office, or are part of the financial or professional services industries or you’re a teacher, the guidelines for workplace dress are drastically different than they were 10 years ago. Business casual rules were shattered years ago and if you’re unsure what’s de rigeur at the moment, visit us at Bingham’s in Columbia and we’ll help you out. 

What they wore then: A suit with shoulder pads big enough on which to land a plane, a solid-colored shirt and tie. 

What you wear now: Comfortable, form-fitting sport coat from Byron over a casual button-down patterned shirt by Eton or David Donahue with a pair of neat jeans. No holes.  ‘

What they wore then: Short-sleeve shirts in the summer with a tie and dress slacks. Sorry to bring back terribly vivid memories. 

What you wear now: An untucked shirt from johnnie-O, a half-zip coordinating pullover and chinos by 34 Heritage. Skip the pocket protector


What they wore then: A too-big V-neck sweater, tie and solid-colored button down shirt. Pleated khakis down below. 

What you wear now: Pants with pleats should find their way into your closet if you have larger legs or carry more weight around your midsection. Otherwise, pleats shouldn’t be having a moment in your wardrobe, gentlemen. Flat-front pants are flattering on slim men of all ages and are quite flattering. Paired with a cashmere sweater and vibrantly patterned shirt, you’ll be ready to take a seat at the conference room table in this getup. 


What they wore then: Lace-up dress shoes or stodgy and stiff leather loafers.

What you wear now: Refined sneakers or slip-on shoes from Trask will make you feel like you’re walking around the office on air.  

The staff at Bingham’s believes the laidback look is here to stay, at least for a while. Stop in at our store and we’ll help you put some casual clothing options to work for you. See you soon! 


Tuck in that Shirt … or Not

Contrary to popular belief, not just any button-down dress shirt can be worn untucked. Here are a few tips from our staff at Bingham’s to help you pull off this casual, effortless-looking fashion statement stylishly:

  1. Only wear shirts that are meant to be untucked, well, untucked. They should be well-tailored and tapered to avoid a sloppy look without being tight. Check out our selections from Peter Millar, johnnie-O and others. 
  2. Make sure that the back of your shirt ends around the bottom of your pant pocket, while the front should hit just below your zipper. 
  3. Don’t wear a shirt that is cut straight across at the bottom outside of your trousers. The untucked ones should be scalloped with a tail. 
  4. Complement it with the right pair of slim-fitting casual trousers or jeans from 34 Heritage, Ballin or Brax. 
  5. Pair it with a sport coat for a more polished look.
  6. Visit us at Bingham’s to help you step out in untucked style.

We can’t wait to help you style your best look yet! See you at Bingham’s soon! 


Treat Yourself to a New Dress Shirt Today at Bingham’s

Is your closet full of blue dress shirts? Or maybe your color is tan or white? If your hangers need some more bold and colorful attire, leave it to our experts at Bingham’s in Columbia to help steer you in the right direction. 

Crafted from the finest fabrics, you deserve to treat yourself to an Eton shirt. Their signature collar will keep up with you throughout your work day thanks to the workmanship and quality of the fabric and stitching. The company has been around for 90 years, so they might know a thing or two about creating fine dress shirts. 

David Donahue shirts come in inspiring and colorful patterns that will look fantastic under a sport coat or half-zip sweater. Led by the Donahue family, the team says they “find inspiration for patterns everywhere. Wallpaper, antique tiles, or a curious artifact.” David Donahue shirts a great way to show off your personality, gents! If you’re a bit hesitant to go bold, let the staff at Bingham’s guide you on layering your work look. 

We look forward to seeing you at Bingham’s this summer! 



Shoes and Shirts and Shorts, Oh My!

Make Bingham’s in Columbia your one-stop shop for summer essentials this season. With a wide-ranging selection of lightweight shirts, soft and well-fitting shorts and casual shoes for your next vacation, you have many reasons to stop in at Bingham’s today. 

Johnnie-o shirts are a favorite among many of our clients. The versatile and comfortable T-shirts and polos can be paired with shorts, jeans or chinos. The brands’s “West Coast prep” look works in the Midwest, too! The classic brand Peter Millar is definitely a closet necessity, too. The iconic style and quality of Peter Millar shirts will feel great against your skin and keep you cool this summer. 


Halsey shorts offer different fits that are flattering for many body types. They’re long enough through the leg, comfortable and come in a variety of colors. They just might be crisp and polished enough to wear to, dare we say it, work? The casual work style has infiltrated many offices around here in Columbia. A pair of Halsey shorts paired with a button-down shirt or a solid polo doesn’t look sloppy or adolescent. Stop in and we’ll show you how to put it together. 

Don’t forget to treat your feet to some special duds, too. With stylish and refined shoes from Trask, Allen Edmonds and Martin Dingman, you’re sure to walk out of our store with a new spring in your step. 


See you at Bingham’s soon!