Allen Edmonds Shoes Available at Binghams in Columbia, Missouri

What do Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all have in common?

Each wore a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes on his Inauguration Day.

Allen Edmonds, a world renowned, Wisconsin-based shoemaker, produces some of the best men’s dress shoes in the business, and as proof, their shoes are beloved by many presidents, popes, and high-powered celebrities.

It is obvious why Allen Edmonds is the best of the best. Their shoes last for years, and owners typically repair rather than replace their worn down A.E.’s. In fact, while President George H.W. Bush was in office, he wrote a letter to the company thanking them for a pair of shoes they gave him, but signed it saying:

“The problem is all my other pairs of A.E.’s still are in great shape; but these will be a great addition.”

In addition to their beauty and classic shape, each A.E. shoe is crafted via an exacting, highly skilled 212-step process that is a mix of machine and hand. So, technically, that’s 424 steps per pair of shoes. Definitely no pun intended.

Even better, all A.E. production happens (and has been happening since 1922) right here in America—in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

To prove how great a pair of A.E.’s are, the following video gives you an inside look at A.E.’s Wisconsin factory and shows just how their shoes are made:

We are proud to carry Allen Edmonds at Binghams and share these great shoes with the dapper men of Columbia, Missouri. Come into to Binghams today and try on our new fall selection of Allen Edmonds.

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