Terrific Trousers: Why You’ll Love Meyer Pants

Meyer pants have been flying off our shelves recently, so we thought we’d share with you, and all the men of Columbia, Missouri, why these pants are so fantastic.

 1. They have the perfect trim fit

Nowadays slim is in, but many men still have reservations about the discomfort of close-fitting trousers. With Meyer pants, you needn’t worry about your voice going up an octave—you’ll be as comfortable as you are fashionable.

2. Meyer pants transition well

Meyer pants are what we like to call “bridge” pants. They can be dressy, casual and everything in between. Wear them with a dress shirt and sweater at the office, then a chambray shirt with rolled up sleeves for a weekend drive.

 3. They’re REALLY well made

Meyer, a German company, manufacturers all their pants in Europe and use only fair-trade cotton, sourced from vendors throughout the world. Meyer uses a combination of machine and hand to construct their pants, and employs their very own laundry system.

Of course, to get the best sense of Meyer’s fit, quality and aesthetic, you need to see it in action. Check out their Fall 2015 promo video:

To learn more about Meyer the company, check out this video:

Our Production from Meyer Hosen AG on Vimeo.

Come into Binghams today and get these pants before they’ve completely flown off our shelves. We’re located here.