How to Tie a Bow Tie (VIDEO)

Tying a bow tie can get some guys all up in knots. But have no fear, men of Columbia, Missouri, Binghams has made a simple, step-by-step video that demonstrates just how to fold and loop the classic necktie.

Whether you’re wearing a tux or just spiffing up an every day look, this tutorial, given by Binghams’ co-owner, Dave Danuser, will give you the skills necessary for any occasion that requires a bow tie.

The video was originally filmed for Inside Columbia magazine a few months back, but now that we have this great new blog, we think here is a perfect place for sharing this video with you.

Check it out:

See, that wasn’t so bad right? In fact, it’s super easy. Don’t worry if you don’t get a perfect knot the first time. It usually takes a couple tries before you become a pro.

Then, once you master this skill and want some shiny new bow ties to show off your talents, don’t hesitate to come see our amazing selection, which ranges from traditional to trendy. We are sure we have just the bow tie for you.

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