Why You Should Get Your Clothes and Suits Made-to-Measure

made-to-measure clothing suit and measuring tape

Binghams is proud to offer the best off-the-rack clothing for men in Columbia, Missouri, but what we do even better is made-to-measure suits and apparel. We excel at personalization, customer service and attention to detail, and helping a man make his perfect suit is our passion.

Yet, many men shy away from made-to-measure or custom clothing because they think it is time consuming and expensive.

We respectfully disagree.

You actually save time

Getting made-to-measure clothing is, in fact, a time saver. You can spend a headache-inducing number of hours at a department store trying on countless off-the-rack suits or shirts that don’t work for some reason or another. Then add the time you spend taking it to a seamstress or tailor and the duration of the time spent finding a suit is longer than that of a football game that goes into over time (we know where your priorities are, gentlemen).

Made-to-measure clothing eliminates the search for hidden treasure by allowing you to easily pick out the colors, fabrics and accessories you want all in one visit (don’t worry, Binghams has expert staff members who will help make the decision process easier). You also get all of your measurements taken in one visit, so your item will fit perfectly the first time you put it on.

The fit is nailed

A perfect fit is probably the best part of made-to-measure clothing, especially when it comes to suits. Fit is everything with a suit. Make no mistake: the nicest fabric or fanciest designer name cannot save an ill-fitting suit. Even a three-piece suit made of the finest Italian wool will look like nothing more than a grocery bag if it fits like one.

It’s a better value

As for cost, Binghams has plenty of pricing options, so we are sure to have a price that fits you as well as your suit or custom shirt. Also, it worth noting that spending a little extra on clothing that is built to last will pay off in the long run.

Come see us and let us walk you through the made-to-measure process. It’s less painful than you think, we promise.

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