New Shirts from David Donahue, Peter Millar and Ike Behar for Fall 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s officially fall here in Columbia, Missouri, but we here at Binghams welcome the season change. We absolutely love fall fashion, and are ready for warm sweaters, sophisticated outdoor wear, luxurious scarves, and of course, a nice glass of scotch by a crackling fire.

But, before we open the scotch, let’s talk about new fall items we’ve gotten here in the store, namely high quality dress shirts:

We have new, low maintenance designer shirts from our favorites David Donahue, Ike Behar and Peter Millar (the latter two are both no-iron!). Here’s a little preview of each:

David Donahue

David Donahue is a world-renowned menswear designer, revered for his high quality dress shirts, ties and accessories, and providing men with what the company itself calls, “accessible luxury.”

David Donahue dusty rose dress shirt and tie

David Donahue is always so crisp, so clean, so classic.

Ike Behar

Ike Behar’s line of hand-crafted, made in the USA men’s shirts are known for their excellent workmanship and classic New York city look. Of course, you need not travel all the way to NYC to get Ike Behar shirts, as we have them right here in Columbia, Missouri.

Ike Behar fall shirts

We’ve got a great selection of bow ties too, which will add to your sophisticated fall look.

Peter Millar

You probably know Peter Millar as the gold standard for lifestyle golf apparel (they did outfit the entire International President’s Cup Team last year, after all), but the company also makes high quality dress apparel for men. Peter Millar is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and its southern, all-American feel resonates here in Columbia.

Visit us at Binghams in downtown Columbia and try on our new selection of fall shirts. Unfortunately, we can’t promise you scotch, but we can promise you’ll have a dapper, no-fuss wardrobe for fall.

Find us here.

What’s New With Coppley Custom Clothing for Fall 2014 at Binghams in Columbia, Missouri

We do all of our custom and made-to-measure suiting here at Binghams via Coppley, one of the most reputable custom clothiers in the business. Coppley, which is based in Canada, has been making fabulous custom suits since 1883 and possesses an impressive stock of more than 400 luxury fabrics from around the globe.

This fall, Coppley’s exquisite quality and extensive fabric selection remain the same, but several things are new, and we want to share them with you.

First, fits and silhouettes: Coppley Fall 2014 is a blend of traditional and modern, with fits to accommodate both older and younger perspectives. Meaning, the standard fits are generally on the slimmer side, but of course, your suit can be tailored to your preferences, should you want a more classic look.

coppley fall 2014 1

Second, color scheme: Coppley’s color palette this season is comprised of classic neutrals: black, grey, blue, and tan. However, there is an overall “greying effect” to each fabric, which adds understated elegance.


Third, pops of color: Don’t worry—it’s not all neutrals. To craft a more compelling look, Coppley has incorporated subtle pops of color, either by blending a fabric with indigo, aqua, or cranberry colored threads, making a deep burgundy tie to pair with a brown suit, or an olive vest to go with a deep blue button-down shirt.


Fourth, small but important details: Coppley has also added new tipover buttons, buttonholes with contrasting thread colors, elbow patches and contrast stitching which can help you create a more interesting, fashion-forward look.


They’ve also made shorter topcoats with zip-in vests to keep you warm and stylish on chillier days.

Come into Binghams today and see our Coppley Fall 2014 selection. We look forward to helping you craft a suit that fits you to a tee, both physically and personally. Find us here.

Get the Perfect Fitting Slim Suit at Binghams in Columbia, Missouri

young man in a skinny gray suitAs you’ve probably noticed, suits have been getting trimmer over the last several years. Some say the trend was inspired by the AMC award-winning TV show, “Mad Men,” which featured dapper, though often politically incorrect, ad execs in the crisp, clean-cut suits emblematic of 1960s business fashion. Others attribute the trend to the dress-up cycle America has been in, also for the past several years.

Whatever the reason, we are liking the trimmer suits.

The lines are clean and the silhouettes are flattering. Too much extra fabric around the waist or a really deep pant break can look sloppy, or worse, make you appear 10 pounds heavier. (Seriously, want to lose ten pounds instantly? Get a suit that fits. But that’s a topic for another time).

“Everyone is making slimmer suits now, both in the middle and in the shoulders,” says Dave Danuser, of Binghams. “It’s a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.”

Since slim suits will be around for a while, Danuser urges men to embrace a closer fit. “You don’t have to go super skinny,” he advises. “There are plenty variations of the trim suit, so there is something for every man.”

Two brands that Binghams carries that come in trim fits and look custom made are Byron and Betenly.

There are many great off-the-rack slim suits on the market, but if you really want to nail the slim fit, Danuser says to get a custom made suit. “When you get a custom suit made, you know it’s going to fit you like a glove. There’s no better way to nail the fit than a custom made suit.”

Binghams in Columbia, Missouri offers custom and made-to-measure suiting, and does so through Coppley custom suiting, which offers tons of fabric choices so you can get a slim suit that not only fits, but perfectly expresses your personality and style.

Also, despite common misperceptions, the made-to-measure process is simple. Binghams’ expert tailors take all your measurements while Binghams’ sales staff helps you choose from hundreds of fabrics, accessories, and style options (don’t worry, the staff help make all the choices manageable). “It is easy, and we have numerous pricing options, so we can definitely make a suit and a price tag that fits,” Danuser says.

For a great fitting slim suit, come see us at Binghams in downtown Columbia. Find us here. We look forward to seeing you.

New and Improved Outdoor Wear for the Style-Conscious Guy

Hi there, and welcome to Binghams’ new blog. We’re glad you’re here.

While this blog is new, Binghams is not. We’ve been in the specialty menswear business for 34 years, successfully helping the men of Columbia, Missouri find or polish their personal style, craft their perfect suit, and find the best, high-quality apparel fit for a guy with superior sartorial taste.

Since we are all about personal service at Binghams, we are excited to have this new, personal platform to share our love of all things menswear with you. Here we plan to discuss the ins and outs of men’s fashion, and highlight our favorite brands and products.

With that said, let’s get right to it. Our first order of business: outdoor wear.

Fall is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect season for outdoor wear, or sportswear. Cozy flannel shirts, warm thermal jackets, and sturdy trousers are all items you need when leaves change and the air gets a little cooler.

But don’t worry—khaki cargo pants and marshmallow jackets aren’t what we’re talking about. Nowadays, outdoor wear is taking on a more sophisticated, refined look, indicative of the dress-up cycle America has been in for the past several years.

The fit of flannel shirts are trimmer and more flattering, while thermal jackets look more country aristocrat and less marshmallow-y (marshmallows are for roasting by the fire, not wearing by the fire, right?).

One brand we carry that exemplifies sophisticated outdoor wear is Barbour, a British line of men’s and women’s sportswear that exudes British countryside sophistication, and is known for its good looks and practicality. Right now, we are carrying Barbour’s famous waxed thorn-proof hunting jackets, plaid scarfs, sport shirts, vests, sweaters and caps.

Here’s a look at a Barbour pullover and hunting jacket:

barbour hunting jacket 2 copy

barbour hunting jacket copy

barbour pullover copy

Another outdoor wear brand we just got in at Binghams (and already love) is Victorinox. You might know Victorinox as the creator of the original Swiss army knife, and while you can’t compare a Swiss army knife with a button down shirt, you can assume that Victorinox applies the same high standards to its clothing as it does its world-renowned knives.

Victorinox is the epitome of classic. The brand isn’t known for making waves and following trends, but that’s why we love it. Victorinox is for the guy who loves timeless, high-quality apparel. Right now Binghams has their popular light-weight jackets, vests, and sweaters.

Stop by Binghams to see our great selection of high quality outdoor wear from Barbour and Victorinox. We know you’ll love it. Find us here.

Peter Millar 2014 Fall Lookbook

Check out the latest Fashions in The Peter Millar Fall 2014 Lookbook.
Many of these fashions are available in Columbia at Peter Millar’s Missouri HQ: Binghams Clothing.