Protecting Your Credit in Style

Cash was king for a while among merchants everywhere. That’s changed now, which means that your wallet might need some updating, too. One of the newest items available now at Bingham’s is the Secrid wallet. 

Made in Holland at a company founded by experts in fashion and product design, the Secrid wallets are fabulously thin, made of stylishly leather European cowhide, are incredibly practical and above all, meant to protect your credit. The miniwallet is a smart everyday accessory that is big enough to hold all of your credit cards and cash, plus business cards and receipts, but yet slim enough to fit in your pant pocket. 

An aluminum core in the wallet renders digital pickpockets useless if they try to read, activate or clone your card from close by without you knowing it. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality of the era in which we live. You’ll be very 2020 with your miniwallet, which has a discreet mechanism at the bottom of the wallet that slides out your credit cards in one simple motion. You don’t even have to open your wallet. 

Aside from the security, the practical aluminum core also prevents your credit cards from bending or breaking when you sit if your wallet lives in your back pant pocket. Once you buy one of the Secrid wallets, you might never go back to a traditional soft trifold. Binghams is Columbia Mo. Secrid HQ.


Stop in to see one today and learn more about this innovative accessory. See you soon! 

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