Go On Guys, Show a Little Ankle…

Brightly colored or patterned socks are the hottest accessories right now and a six-pack of crew socks from the nearest big box store doesn’t cut it anymore, especially in Columbia, Missouri.

The attention now poured on these formerly overlooked accouterments is likely due to the dress-up cycle that America has been in for the past several years. “Along with cleaner lines and trimmer suits, more men are paying attention to the lesser-seen details, like socks,” says Dave Danuser, co-owner of Binghams in Columbia, Missouri.

Danuser says socks are now given attention because of the way pants are being made. “Men used to think socks didn’t matter because they were covered by your pant leg. But now, with pants being more tailored and pant breaks less severe, there is less coverage on the ankle when you sit or cross your legs.”

Well-heeled men are using this newly exposed space to convey a bit of personality and a strong sense of style, according to Danuser, and are filling it with bright blues, oranges, reds, and even polka dot, rather than the traditional black. “Wearing statement socks is one of the easiest ways to show a little personality or mood without going over the top. It also reflects a high level of personal care and attention to detail,” Danuser says.

Binghams carries several brands of socks, including Pantherella, Nigel Knox and Robert Griffin. Not only do these brands make socks that look great, but they feel great too (another reason to ditch your six-pack of itchy, slouchy Hanes).

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